One day, a guy got off his motorcycle long enough to play his first round of golf and got HOOKED! He loved the feeling of hitting the ball, and watching it soar like an arrow through the air toward its intended target. He loved learning about golf, the different shots, how to play them, and the fact that in golf you never stop learning. He soon realized that the challenge in golf, like life, is to always strive to be better. He thought that golf was a game for “the elite”, but he soon found that there were others on the course who enjoyed many of the same hobbies as him, and were just like him.

He needed something different to wear though. He didn’t really look or feel like your typical golfer. Most of the courses had a dress code so his Harley t-shirt and bandana wouldn’t cut it. Shopping around didn’t turn up anything either. An alligator on a shirt? He guessed that made sense to southern golfers. The polo player seemed too pompous..…..besides, he rode a steal horse not a pony. He’d already spent $49 on a dozen balls and figured that should come with a free hat. Who the hell was this guy Travis, and why should he spend $85 for one of his polos? He loved the shark and knew that Greg Norman was a cool dude, but still he wanted something different.

Finally, not finding a brand he could relate to, he created his own, and FAIRWAY OUTLAW with its skull and cross club logo was born.

Why should you wear Fairway Outlaw? There’s nothing high tech about our golf apparel, just tried, true, and comfortable clothing with a badass logo at an affordable price. Will wearing Fairway Outlaw help cure your slice? Will you hit the ball further when you’re wearing a Fairway Outlaw shirt? Probably not, but it may just get the conversation started with that cute barmaid on the 19th hole…..let us know.

Since 2013, our mission has been to give the golfing world clothing that’s a little different at an affordable price. We think we’ve done just that with our range of golf hats, shirts and accessories. Show up to your next tee time wearing something original and a little bit edgy.

FAIRWAY OUTLAW the BADDEST name in golf!